Behind every successful entrepreneur there is likely a highly involved parent. Although this may not always be true, hard working parents often display all the necessary factors to support a person's success. Think about the most successful entrepreneurs in the news, many have parents that have encouraged them all along the way.

I have watched a few episodes of Shark Tank and Mark Cuban was certainly supported by his parents throughout his childhood. He was driven but also encouraged at the same time. Richard Branson is another entrepreneur that had parental support. There so many others who have a claim to success from encouraging parents.

Encouragement is not the only ingredient. But it is a good start!

Parents who spend time with their children, build great relationships with their children and with themselves at the same time. A family that is loving and spends time together is one of the major keys to keeping kids out of the danger zone of failure. What else plays into success for children?

A "you can anything you want" attitude that pushes abilities and creativity provides more of the framework for success. Parents who question and ask, "what else can you do with that" help to stretch imaginations which in turn leads to thinking of "possibilities" rather than "status Quo" mindsets.

As an entrepreneur, I think back into my childhood. Even though my father died when I was 6, I was always encouraged to create, imagine, and entertain.

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My family was busy, they ran their own business, and always giving me the basics of finance (adding up the profits and the expenses). I learned how to budget and use my math skills to see the world from a different perspective. I also had a drive to someday have my own business just from watching and being involved with my family.

I did a lemonade stand, I found a way to supplement my income through being paid for extra chores (beyond the expected chore contribution), add a weekly paper route, and when I got older, volunteer to help whenever I could. 

Being a volunteer added to my social responsibility and lives with me even today. How much do you encourage your children to help others in a meaningful way? Do you join them in the quest?

Success for your children is truly dependent on you and how you guide them through their life.