Former President Jimmy Carter has weighed in on the 2016 presidential race. Taking off from his campaign to eradicate Guinea worm disease, Carter responded to a question put to him by a BBC reporter about who he would prefer on the Republican side. Donald Trump, he said, because he is “completely malleable,” unlike that Ted Cruz fellow who has all of those right-wing policies he would enact as president.

The two candidates reacted in different ways. Trump crowed on Twitter that he thought that the president had “good taste.” Ted Cruz cut a campaign commercial stating Carter’s “endorsement” word for word.

Carter is quite correct that Cruz has conservative principles that he does not bend on. Ted Cruz also has the political mind of a Machiavelli, as note his come from behind victory in Iowa. Carter has proven that the senator from Texas has the luck of the Devil. One cannot pay for one of the worst presidents in modern history proclaiming that one’s chief opponent is a squish who will make any deal but that one is a man of principle and think that the former is a compliment and the latter an attack.

Cruz may or may not become president. Trump, though he damages himself every day with his own mouth, is still a potent force. Marco Rubio is coming on strong, buoyed by an air of sunny optimism and the growing realization by establishment Republicans that he may be the only alternative to Cruz. But one cannot help but wonder if the stars are aligning to make a 45-year-old son of a Cuban immigrant, a first turn senator who has earned the ire of the political class, a Harvard-trained litigator, the next president of the United States.

The tide of history, the same one that made a community organizer with a dubious ideology and a conspicuous lack of sound policy president twice, may be inexorably sweeping his exact opposite into the Oval Office.

God, or history, or fate may well have a sense of humor. One hopes that Cruz as well as his legion of political enemies on both sides of the political spectrum appreciates that fact,

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