Chris Christie is not a voice to be ignored. His recent endorsement of Donald Trump added more confusion to the career politicians than ever before. Why is the support for Trump so strong among Americans and why is he gaining support from his once opponents?

Talk show hosts of the GOP persuasion argue that Trump is using emotional tactics to win over the country while pointing fingers at his so-called Christian faith. This is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of Republican voters by placing judgment on their ability to decide what the country needs. Democrats are quietly making a change from politics and promises, as usual, as the poll numbers are being counted.

Leaders in foreign countries are shaking in their shoes at the thought of being held accountable for wrongdoings in the world. ISIS is rethinking their game plans and illegal aliens are wondering if they should have followed the rules.

Maybe the masses have just had enough. Regardless of recent economic data and unemployment numbers, our country is no longer a super power. Donald Trump has the gumption to make things happen and he is a winner. It has been proven that a no-name politician, like Barack Obama, has the ability to win the Presidency because Americans do not like the direction that the country is headed. Donald Trump is by no means a no-name candidate, but he is recognized as a tough businessman that loves his country. Although Donald's public portrayal is less than politically correct, maybe it's time for this form of manipulation from liars to also take a back seat.

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The United States is overdue for an overhaul of major proportions. Pleading with the Congress and Senate is not getting the job done. The longer that the media tries to discredit Trump, the more supporters he picks up. Perhaps the media will get back to journalism if they see that their grandiloquent language is no longer appreciated or listened to. Maybe, just maybe, Trump is the people's choice because he is the only candidate that is willing to look after a deteriorating country and to get the job done.