The buzz around Hillary Clinton may have a direct effect on her performance in the primaries. The media does sway the audience, no matter how fair they think their reporting is. People do listen and they listen to the most bazaar items. They pick up where the statement may have nothing to do with the report. If ou have no intent of swaying the public to vote one way or another, then keep it that way, the report truly must be FAIR to all concerned.

Yes, Mrs. Clinton is not perfect and she has had a few misadventures along the campaign trail but the real question is, "Does she really have a good connection with younger women?"

Only her actions will give us the answer.


It is through being truthful about how the nation will fare in the future that is the key to any candidates success. I do not purport to go one way or another but am after the truth and making sure it is fair to all concerned. But why would I bring up the generational gap for Hillary and younger women? I bring it up because it directly relates to how we all do business.

Every business has it's niche market and every business has to deal with several generations of people. It is how you handle that gap and how you are able to keep your customers that really counts.Can Hillary close the gap and do a better job of relating to the younger women of today? She can and she likely will.

Her tenacity will not stop her from being the best she can be and yet she will still have competition within the party and against the other party.

The first step in the process is to identify the gap and figure out a way to fill it with excellent service and products. Ask yourself if the gap is simply technology based or is it a real desire for different products and services. You can only deal with the gap if you ask those generations about what they want. 

Has your business let another generation of potential customers turn to your competition because you could not relate to their needs? Find a way to connect and get that audience back on your side.