A recent article in Market Watch suggests that Hillary Clinton is the “true conservative” in the 2016 presidential race. The notion is certainly true when you compare her to Bernie Sanders, but the piece suggests that she is “more conservative” than are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. This “conservatism” may be one of the many things that will undo her.

The political zeitgeist of 2016 has the voters wanting drastic changes, of the sort that sets up guillotines in the public square in less gentle societies. People have seen their socioeconomic status deteriorate over the past eight years and their country losing all respect on the world stage.

The only thing that divides Americans is what to do about it. Trump supporters want the mercurial tycoon to ride into Washington and tell the political elites that they’re “fired.” Cruz supporters dream of the second coming of Ronald Reagan in the form of a young Hispanic from Texas. Sanders followers what a kinder, gentler Bolshevik Revolution with free health care and college for all.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, wants to preserve the policies of the Obama administration, but to build on them gradually. This stance fits some kind of definition of conservative, if one agrees that Obamaism is something that deserves to be conserved.

But conservatism, at least in modern America, does not mean conserving the status quo when it is bad and oppressive. Conservatives like Ted Cruz are anxious to conserve the Constitution, limited government, free markets, freedom in general, and strength and respect abroad.

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This desire means that they will have to undo the damage wrought by Obama, just like President Reagan set forth to undo the excesses of the Carter era.

One reason Clinton will lose is that she is out of step with the voters. The voters do not feel a lot of hope, but they certainly want change. They want the pain, the privation, and the various humiliations of the Obama presidency to stop. They are likely to vote for the person most likely to make those things stop. That person is not Hillary Clinton.