Is it time for Republicans to stop worrying and embrace Donald Trump? Roger Simon at PJ Media says so and has deployed a number of arguments to support the proposition.

First, Trump is winning and winning big. One number that should jump out is that Trump picked up 46 percent of the Hispanic vote in the Nevada Caucus. This win was despite the fact that he was running against two Hispanics, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and that he has a hard line stance on illegal immigration that should have made him toxic with that voting bloc.


If Trump is winning so thoroughly as that, it is possible that he cannot be stopped no matter what anyone wishes.

Second, Trump is running as a conservative. He is for lower taxes and spending and for building up the military. He claims that he is pro-life, something of great importance to social conservatives.

To be sure, Trump is also a bully and a vulgarian. Those qualities don’t seem to have sapped his ability to win primaries and likely will not keep him from winning the general election.

With proper guidance, they may not stop him from being a good president. After all, if Trump does win the nomination, the other choice is either the legally and morally compromised Hillary Clinton or the crazed socialist Bernie Sanders.

Guidance may be the key to embracing Trump. Both Jimmy Carter and Robert Reich have suggested that Trump is pliable and a man with whom one can do business with. Sarah Palin seems to think so as well. The idea is that conservatives can co-opt him and steer him on the right path.


After all, Trump has no experience governing. Plenty of people exist who will be willing to help him.

Of course, Trump has not won the nomination yet. The possibility exists that Cruz and Rubio between them will find a way to stop him in the SEC Primaries before it is too late. But time is growing short. Either Donald Trump has to be stopped, or he has to be coopted. If you can’t beat the mercurial real estate tycoon, perhaps it is time to join him. Or at least that is the theory.