I have a strategy that Michael Bloomberg could use to win the presidential election if he put his mind and money to it. A team of people will help. But, hey!, he can afford it.

It's easy enough to grow a legitimate Twitter following of real people. I explained how to do this in a previous post here on Blasting News.

Simple Twitter Strategy for Growth

The gist is, there are plugins that can be used to help you identify:

  • by keyword
  • by name
  • by influencer
  • by friend of friend

the people you want to follow and be followed by.


Once you know who you want to follow, and who you want to follow you, GO! You can grow your Twitter following by 300 people a day, more or less ... per account.

Bloomberg needs about 60,000,000 votes. Let's aim for half that number of followers on Twitter and presume that those people can convince one other person to vote for him.

How to Get 30 Million Votes

To gain 30 million followers at 300/day Bloomberg needs 2,000,000 days. He'd better hurry. Or ... he could get a team of already committed followers to grow their accounts at 300/day.

In 6 months, lets round it up to 200 days, any one follower of his could accumulate 60,000 followers. Thirty million followers at 60,000 per dedicated follower means Bloomberg needs just 500 people to get their backsides in gear on Twitter. It's doable.

Somewhere around the end of August, those 500 people who love him, each with 60,000 followers, give or take, will start getting tweeted.

Tweet Like Crazy

Bloomberg and his team,(yeah, he can afford to hire 500 people to create a following of 60K each and tweet to them) will begin tweeting at 5 minute intervals (12 times an hour 24/7) reasons why he should be elected.


He can have 10, 20 or more reasons and rotate them in the tweets at each and all of his 500 people's Twitter accounts.

I know from experience that if I tweet at that rate for a month to that many followers I can generate 2 million impressions and 30,000 visits to my profile. If 500 people got 30,000 visits each to their profile = that's 15,000,000 visits. Bloomberg will have all of September and October to pound on his agenda and get his ducks in a row.

The result will be he'll get elected ...

or he'll break Twitter. And if Bloomberg does that he'll surely get elected.