Many of the people now running for president have some accomplishments in the private sector. Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton were successful corporate lawyers. Donald Trump is a billionaire real estate developer and media personality. Jeb Bush worked in banking and real estate. Marco Rubio practiced and taught law.

Then, there is Bernie Sanders, perhaps the most unlikely person ever to become a serious candidate for president of the United States. According to an article in Investors’ Business Daily, Sanders did not earn a paycheck until the age of 40, despite having a good college education.


He spent most of his early adult life as a shiftless bum living a hand to mouth existence. He lived in a shack with a dirt floor that often lacked electricity. He drove a rust-bucket of a car that lacked working windshield wipers.

At one point Sanders tried his hand at carpentry, a good, proletariat occupation, but proved to be so inept that he could not even drive a nail properly. At one point he was writing articles for far left newspapers on such edifying subjects as rape and masturbation. One of his salary producing jobs was signing people up for food stamps.

Even Sanders’ political career did not have an auspicious start. In the early 1970s, he formed his own socialist party and ran for office four times and losing four times. He was finally elected as Mayor of Burlington, Vermont in 1985 and then the United States Senate in 2006.

One could easily have imagined Sanders winding up as a homeless person begging for spare change on the side of the road or, considering his political leanings, a terrorist in the mode of Ted Kaczynski. Instead, remarkably, he has managed to climb the American version of the cursus honorum and is on the brink of being nominated for the presidency of the United States.


Even so, Sanders is still broke, despite his political success. He has $65,000 in credit card debt and no assets of his own. Yet, he proposes to take over the management of the still stronger economy in the world. Whether it is a testament to Sanders’ cunning or the utter naiveté of his supporters is open to question.