I am old - in my 60's. But I have a young daughter. She is 8. Okay, you can laugh if you want to. But I wouldn't trade my situation for anything. And my daughter thinks all of her friends' parents are really young. In other words, she thinks all daddies are supposed to be my age.

Lost Art of Being an Encourager

I am funny this way, but I love saying nice things to people. Out of the blue. To offer encouragement. To give praise. To flatter. To give people a feel-good moment ... for a moment.

My daughter and I were at Disneyland a couple of years back. She was wearing her Princess Belle dress. (Did I tell you I am also a princess expert?

) While we were walking into Toon Land, one of the Disney employees, another young fellow my age who had also been young for a good 60+ years, stopped us and looked right at my daughter. "Why Belle! I didn't expect to see you here. Can I have your autograph?"

He pulled out his book and pen and my then 6-year old signed his book. She was transfixed. She was convinced for a moment that she was Princess Belle. The moment was priceless.

This fellow could get away with his actions because he was wearing a Disney blazer and we were in MouseLand.

I Can't Be Nice to Some People

I cannot get away with those kinds of actions at a park or a coffee shop. Every now and then I see a little girl with one or both of her parents all dressed up in the cutest outfit.

And I just want to say something nice. To make her and her parents also feel good for a moment. I want them to experience what my daughter and I did when wewere in Toon Town.

But if I do, parents run. Little girls are swooped up into their arms. Whistles might blow. Managers are called. And who knows what else might happen?

I don't go there.

The simple truth - I can't tell you that your daughter is cute. I can't be nice. I can't make people feel good like they do after a movie. Unless, well, unless I have my daughter with me at the time. But, then the effect is not quite the same. I am not a troll.

I tried to get a Disney blazer but the only thing Disney would sell me was a Grumpy t-shirt.

If they only knew why I really feel that way.

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