As a gun owner, I want to preserve the right to carry. Preserving this right may mean supporting the NRA or writing to congress.  It could also mean being a responsible gun owner.  Gun haters are the ones we need to convince.  Anti-gun people look for every opportunity to persuade the public that guns should be eliminated.

Don’t feed the fire

Gun owners need to be more responsible.  There are many good reasons to carry a gun.  Self-defense is the top of my list.  I want to carry everywhere I go. If a bad guy is a serious threat, I want protection.

However, the anti-gun crowd will look for any reason to prove guns need to be eliminated. 

Gun plus brains

Use your brain at all times. Much controversy comes from accidental shootings, kids playing with guns, and flaunting your guns just to show you have rights.

Keep your gun with you at all times.  If not in your possession, lock it up. Don’t take a chance some child will visit your house unexpected and find it.

 This is very important in the fight to preserve our rights.  Do not waver from this even a minute.  Things distract you, people drop by, and you leave it unattended.  Simple rule, lock it or pocket.

Guns for protection, not attention

In Arizona I have the right to carry open or concealed. I choose concealed because I don’t want to call attention to myself.  I also do not want to intimidate or alarm the gun fearing people I’m around.  Gun fearing people may not understand we are responsible citizens only concerned with protection.  Don’t give them a reason to worry.  They seem to feel safe where guns are outlawed, even though outlaws still come.  So not seeing your gun will eliminate potential negative responses, fears, and complaints.

 Safe either way

I don’t need to flaunt my gun to impress anyone. I don’t need to look like the toughest guy on the street. I just want to live another day.  Keeping quiet about packing my gun has no downside.  If I need it, it’s there.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

Some states give you more gun rights than others. You may have the right to shoot someone stealing your property or some other legal reason.  However, my belief is, shoot for self-defense when necessary, but only then.  I may be in my rights to go beyond this, but is it worth it? 

Even in the right, you may have lengthy court battles, legal fees, and time consuming interviews.

 Sometimes losing a material possession or appearing week is the better choice.

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