The Obama administration has made numerous statements regarding gun control.  Many other activists, such as Michael Bloomberg, have spent much money lobbying for gun control.  The results of all these actions so far have been minor. 

Gun control talk increases sales

Why do gun sales always seem to increase, the more we hear about gun control?  My opinion is people supporting the right to own guns don’t want to lose those rights.  They become anxious and a knee jerk reaction is to buy more guns. 

They sit around fairly content until they hear a news story of potential gun law changes.  Immediately they begin to think they should restock their ammo supply.  It’s not really a fear of losing their guns.  They fear the ability to purchase guns or ammo may get tough in the future. 

Buy guns now

It’s much like a run on bread or milk at the grocery store.  Someone reports a major storm is coming and immediately the stores start selling out of milk and bread.  It’s not that there is a shortage.  It’s a reaction to the news.  We better stock up on groceries because it may be hard to find them when the storm hits.

Avoiding the gun control storms

As stated in past articles, I want to keep and own guns.  Others want to see them banned altogether.  I understand the different views.  As a gun owner, I strive to do what I can to preserve my rights.  I want to stop the coming storms.  I want to keep guns out of the news.  No more killings.  No more accidental deaths or suicides.

Do your part. Once again I just ask all gun owners to use common sense.  Don’t loan your gun to underage individuals.  Don’t allow your gun to be used by someone else.  News stories are built on drama and suspense.  In addition to saving lives, we need to keep guns out of the spotlight. 

Safety, safety, safety

Why help the gun control people take our guns?  Always stay alert.  Owning a gun is your right but keeping that right is your responsibility.

Too many gun stories about irresponsible gun owners or accidental shootings could be enough to swing momentum to the gun control crowd. 

Criminals will always use guns.  They don’t care about the laws and they will get guns no matter what we do.  To defend ourselves from these criminals we need equal fire power.  A big step toward keeping fire power is to eliminate all possible accidents.  Don’t hand the other side an easy argument against guns.


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