While many people's most anticipated releases of 2016 seem a little familiar, here are five new releases to watch out for:

Hail, Caesar!

The Coen Brothers doing comedy can be a mixed bag – their eclectic voice just as easily manages to fly overhead as it does to hit home. That said, Hail, Caesar! Looks like an absolutely perfect mix of all the things that make their movies work. Huge cast? Check. Period setting?


Check. Wry satire? Check. John “Third Coen Brother” Goodman? Big old happy check. After the dour one-two-three punch of A Serious Man, True Grit, and Inside Llewyn Davis, it's a dream to see the Coen's having fun.

Knight of Cups

We should be so lucky to live in a world where Terrence Malick realized and capitalized on the fact he only has another 10 years of movie-making left in him. Sure, you can expect shots of hands wistfully being dragged through cornfields and eyes gazing wearily at the sky, but something about Knight of Cups sounds so appealing different to previous Malick entries.


Part bizarre biopic, part scathing critique of Hollywood lifestyle, we could be seeing a genuinely angry film from Malick in Knight of Cups, and that honestly makes me excited as all hell. Maybe a little spite will go a long way.

Gods of Egypt

We have some absolutely weird blockbusters coming out in 2016. Marvel is set to dive head-first into mysticism with Doctor Strange, Deadpool is dead-set on making three-year old memes and Reddit references into a marketable feature, and Warcraft is bringing domestic monster scenes to the big screen.

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Donald Trump

On top of that we have a CGI-infused Jungle Book duking it out with a CGI-infused Tarzan! What a time to be alive!

Somehow, though, the one that tops my list is this crazy feature. This god-filled, high-budget trainwreck that's been dumped in February like so many other unloved ventures. There's something about the ambition, the sincerity and the lunacy on display in this production that just has me chomping at the bit to see it.

The Witch

Last year, I found my long-dead inner horror fan, presumed gone forever, come lurching back to life. It Follows had its hiccups, but its style and excitement at its own lore kept it constantly engaging. The Babadook, on the other hand, was an outright masterpiece, perfectly incorporating its deeper themes with its beautiful aesthetic and clever thrills. The Witch looks to continue this trend of intelligent horror films, and man does it look awesome.


A period piece that seems devoid of both levity and jump scares (though honestly, I never minded a good one), The Witch does not look like it's messing around in the least.

Boy and the World

I am absolutely loving the trend of high-empathy animation. Inside Out made audiences around the world treat a little girl's happiness with the same gravity as Ultron's city-destroying finale. Anomalisa contains stop-motion with more emotion, expression, and reality than a thousand other star-studded films released in the same year.


Boy and the World, in a sentence, looks beautiful and brutal. It depicts a world equal parts strife and joy, lovingly animated and painstakingly sincere. Boy and the World is the kind of movie that reminds me how magical animation can be, and consider just how magical it is that these crude figures can inspire such emotion in me. The film will no doubt be getting a limited release – if you can, see it.

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