What happens when each state or city has its own gun laws? Current situation, meaning you have to go by the laws of the state you happen to live in regardless of your beliefs or concerns.  This makes no sense in that a person traveling from one state to another has to know all laws on the books of all states in order to comply. 

Get into jail free card

 One slip up or misstep and you find yourself in jail over a gun violation you didn’t know existed.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, but you should not have to be a lawyer studied on every law of every state when you take a trip.

You don’t have to memorize the speed limit of every state, or have a different driver’s license for every state, or a license plate for every state.

So why should you have to have a gun owners permit for every state or memorize all the gun laws of each state?  Especially when these laws vary in huge amounts from one state to another.

Hang gun laws below traffic signs

 Some states have reciprocity laws which honor other states, but not all states and even these change from time to time. It makes it very difficult for a law abiding citizen traveling to comply with all gun laws, while doing almost nothing to stop criminals from using guns anywhere any time. 

So, should we let the government make all of the gun laws and forget about the states?

No one much trusts the government anymore to do anything right, so that doesn’t seem like a good idea, but neither is the present one of each state making its own laws and then punishing small gun violations while the actual robbers, rapists, and killers run free until they actually get caught in a serious crime.

How not to stop a crime

 Knowing the laws against murder as well as the punishment doesn’t stop murder from happening.

So how much help would a gun law be to stopping murder?  Do you really think a serious criminal cares whether he is breaking a gun law?  In fact strict gun laws help criminals because they know they can violate law abiding citizens without fear of facing a gun.

Robbers, I assume, would like to steal and get away with it.  Thinking in this regard, would a robber intentionally target a home full of guns or might he rather choose an area of strong gun control with little chance of being shot in the process of committing a crime?  Stay tuned, it’s time to face reality.

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