It was only yesterday that Blasting News featured a piece about the sad state of British politics, however, Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday 24th February 2016 will surely be remembered for hitting a new low.

Prime Minister Questions

For the American audience who may not be familiar with PMQs,it's a weekly opportunity for all of the elected Members of Parliament (MPs) to come together in Westminster and ask the Prime Minister questions on the week's most pressing issues.It's a key chance for Ministers on all sides to bring issues from both the world stage and their own constituency to the forefront

Each session is limited to around half an hour and so I'm sure you can imagine that little time would be wasted and, with the eyes of the worldupon him, that the Prime Minister of Great Britain would act with the grace and dignity expected from thecitizens over which he governs.

With the Syrian refugee crisis,a possible Brexit, the outbreak of the Zika Virus, the collapse of a building at a British power station, and the stark possibility that Donald Trump may actually become President of our closest ally, one would think that Prime Minister David Cameron would have a lot on his mind.

The Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn (who gets to ask just six questions), was pressing Cameron on the National Health Service, when Cameron retorted with a bizarre rant about Corbyn's suit, tie, and the fact that he prefers notto sing the National Anthem.

The ensuing barbarism of the backbenchers is borderline animalistic and genuinely makes me hang my head in shame, embarrassed at the thought that anybody else might be watching.

You can check out the clip below:

It's trulycringeworthystuff but the sad truth is that this debacle has become the bread and butter of British politics, driving away thousands upon thousands of would-be voters in the process.

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Donald Trump

On top of the ranting and jeering, whenever a serious question is asked it's batted away with a stock answer of "we are aware of the problem and will do what we can to make it right."

Whether you agree with his policies or not, it's refreshing to see Jeremy Corbyn at least trying to bring a sense of normality to Parliament, but it feels all too much like watching a salmon swimming up a Conservative stream, only to be eventually eaten by the bears within his own party.

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