Hitler deformed, according to scholars

Although Adolph Hitler died more than 60 years ago, his past still interests today’s scholars, writers, and historians. Since Germany’s defeat in WWII, historians still cannot determine how someone could kill more than 15 million people without any remorse.


Rochus Misch, Hitler’s personal bodyguard, said Hitler and his wife Eva Braun both committed suicide on April 30th, 1945 to avoid capture by the Russian army.

According to Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie, the authors of "Hitler's Last Day: Minute by Minute," Hitler suffered from hypospadias, which means he had penis issues. Hitler may have also suffered from Small Penis Syndrome — a condition associated with anxiety over someone who thinks he has a small penis.

Portrait of Adolph Hitler (Wikipedia)
Portrait of Adolph Hitler (Wikipedia)

Doctor Theodore Morrell, Hitler’s personal physician, claimed that Hitler had issues with his sexual prowess. Morrell supplied Hitler with medication to stimulate his love life.

Men have committed murder and ruined their lives for thinking with their penises. Millions of men have either died or ruined their lives for thinking with their penis. Could a defunct penis have caused Hitler to become so evil? It’s possible, but I am not so sure anyone can prove it.


However, a case for a penis causing irrational behavior can be proven. For instance, we can look at former politicians. Here’s a small sample: 

  • Senator John Edwards: Cheated on his dying wife and had a child outside his marriage.
  • Representative Gary Conduit: Had an affair with intern Chandra Levy, who was murdered by Ingmar Guandique, a Salvadoran immigrant. Guandique was convicted of killing Levy.
  • Representative Anthony Wiener: The name says it all. A married man with a strange sexting obsession.
  • Representative Eric Massa: Resigned after admitting to sexually harassing male staff members.

Is it possible to think Hitler’s penis could have something to do with his killing ways?

It’s a logical question. Some people have considered a connection to his mother’s early death from breast cancer. But no one can dismiss the penis theory either.

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