Representatives in Arizona believe gun owners should be well trained.  So much so they are considering giving a tax credit to everyone who takes a course for the privilege of carrying a concealed weapon.  They say the public wants well trained citizens carrying guns.  In other words you should hit what you are aiming at. 

They don’t want an untrained shooter in a restaurant killing innocent people. Shooting helter-skelter instead of correctly aiming in defense at the criminal in the act of a crime.

Paying citizens to pack heat

Opponents claim this is wasted money.  The money should be spent elsewhere in the state.  Fix streets, help the homeless, and improve education. Too many carry guns in Arizona as is, they need to limit guns, not encourage guns.

No guns allowed

These opponents just want to ban guns altogether. They think if guns are banned gun crimes will stop. This would be true if effective, but how do we actually ban guns?   Criminals do not obey laws.  They are criminals.

They intentionally disobey laws.

Posting a sign saying no guns allowed does not stop shootings. If signs and laws worked that well we would see even more signs.  No robberies, no rape on these premises, and no car thefts allowed.  Do not jump off bridge to commit suicide or you will be fined.

Shoot straight or don’t shoot

So maybe this is a good idea. Think like a criminal. Is it a good idea to commit a crime in an establishment where many other people are packing guns?

Especially, well trained gun owners?

If I were considering a crime it would be in an area where it is highly unlikely anyone would fight back. I would specifically avoid places where it was common for citizens to be packing guns.

What do I conclude from all this talk? I feel safe carrying a gun and being well trained to use it.  I would rather all good citizens do likewise.  Otherwise, you depend on the criminal to spare your life.  Why should he do that?  Because you are a witness?  Because you may report his crime to the police?

Because deep down he is a nice guy who just likes shooting people once in a while?

You may feel safe in places where no guns are allowed. But what if you are wrong, dead wrong?

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