Pollsters had in their surveys widely placed Mr Donald Trump as the Republican frontrunner and predicted a large victory for the Democratic Party’s Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire primary. As anticipated, the two presidential candidates emerged victorious in their respective political party’s, but Senator Sanders' resounding victory appears to have amplified the voice of the advocates of systemic change and the campaigners of the re-democratization of organizations, communities, and the solidification of people's power.

Jesse Chen (an American civil society activist focused on people’s power and democracy) acknowledges in a mail to my inbox that America has at times, despite having good people, “made poor choices in the past.”

According to Jesse, the fact that there exists a big difference between American Government, American Business, and the American People has becomes a major part of the American problem which has unfortunately ended up affecting the rest of the world.

Are people waking up in the US?

He is of a strong opinion that the Vermont Senator is closer than any candidate that America has seen in the last 50 years to deliver positive, systemic change to the US and to the rest of the planet.

“He is not perfect, but this is less about the immediate campaign and more about the longer-term movement that is propelling him forward. This movement represents an enormous shift in values, views, and consciousness here in the United States that we haven't seen in a very, very long time.”

The 2016 race to succeed Obama

The U.S.

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Democratic Party

is currently preparing for a presidential vote to decide who replaces Barrack Obama to become the 45th U.S. President. Obama (who is concluding his second term in office) was first elected to the presidential seat in 2008.

Candidates in the long race to the White House have their focus on the road to the Republican and Democratic nomination for President now shifting to South Carolina and Nevada.

Republicans will vote on February 20th and 23rd (in South Carolina and Nevada respectively) while the voting exercise for the Democrats takes place on Feb. 20th in Nevada and on February, 27th in South Carolina.

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