Millions of people worldwide are heavily involved in politics, and it seems as though the United States' Presidential elections have brought in even more watchers and voters. Politics is split up into three parties, but primarily two. Republicans vs Democrats is the age old battle of power in our country. The third, and often forgotten, green party has most ideals for new age, non-conservatives. The reason the green party is forgotten and left at wayside is lack of funding and coverage. What makes this election so unique is we have a recently independent candidate, Bernie Sanders, now switching for the Democratic Party, and gaining on the household name: Hillary Clinton.

The term true blue is to describe a Democratic party candidate's unwavering support of the party. Hillary Clinton and her husband and former president Bill Clinton have been democrats since I can remember.

To the true blue declaring democrats, it matters. These people are often middle aged and have been democrats for as long as they've been registered to vote. They grew up in the mindset of beating republicans by any means necessary. Maybe they did some good in that way of thinking but, I don't think this election is the right place for that mindset now. With Donald Trump beating Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz in many states so early on, the momentum of Trump is matched with democrats' worries increasing rapidly.

The true blue democrat outlook is a bleak dying one, and I promise that. Many people in favor of Sanders have signed petitions and stated they will not under any means vote for Hillary, and will instead write Sanders in, vote green, or not vote at all. Doing so, they take a stand for their candidate – but also, under the same mindset, letrepublicans win.

Sanders can win

Now, under recent polls conducted, Sanders beats Trump by 16 points, according to NBC News/Wall St. poll. Clinton only has a 10 point lead on Trump.CNN has Sanders beating Trump by 4 points more than Hillary Clinton.

In overall polls, the self proclaimed Democratic-Socialist defeats Trump by an average of 5.2 points.

Meanwhile, having Clinton beating Trump by only 2.5 points.

So why are we hearing the argument he is not electable from skeptical voters? I, personally have encountered people claiming he has no experience or means to be president. Being an elected official for 34 years begs to differ. Bernie Sanders is more than capable of running this country and running it well. His Wall Street Reform plan has been backed by 170 top economists.

If you're not taking your economic advice from renowned economists then you may not have business being skeptical. Who else is better than to hear "this would work" from a professional in that field of work?

Hilary Clinton's FBI email investigation will not be the only thing taking her down, as more comes out about her past scandals and remarks.

Her countless inconsistencies as a politician, senator, and public speaker have people catching on. Donald Trump has nothing personal to attack Bernie Sanderswith during a debate, his go-to strategy for applaud. A debate with Trump and Clinton could be manipulated to a fair debate, ultimately being an illusion, since Trump donated to Clinton's Foundation.

Trump also has not been a true Republican in terms of the word, he's barely conservative, he's pro-choice and for universal healthcare. He has been knowingly playing off emotions, fears, and desires of the republican voters. Nothing definite can come from Trump, or Hillary for that matter, because of their desperation for votes. Trump evades hard questions during debates and bullies other candidates instead of what he's there to do.

Hillary has a habit of changing views from one state to the next. Trump decided on the republican party, in my opinion, because he is friends with the Clinton's. Both will help each other out no matter who ends up in office.

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