President Barack Obama, when he leaves office in less than a year, will no doubt choose to believe that his legacy will consist of deliberate accomplishments, such as Obamacare, efforts to fight climate change, and the Iran nuclear weapons deal. However, the Washington Post recently suggested that Obama’s main legacy will be making more Republican voters. The implications will be far reaching for the course of American politics for decades to come.

The Gallup Poll indicates that 20 states of the Union are solidly or lean Republican while just 14 are solidly or lean Democrat. The rest of the 16 states are competitive between the two parties.

The ratio of red states to blue states are a stark contrast to the hope and change era when only five states were Republican and 35 were Democrat with the remaining 10 competitive. The shift has translated into Republican gains in the House, the Senate, governorships, and control of state legislatures.

The only important political institution the Democrats have held on to has been the presidency and they are in jeopardy of losing that as well in this election year.

To put it simply, the Democrats lack a bench. The state legislatures, governorships, and the Congress are training grounds for potential future presidents. With far more Republicans than Democrats holding these offices, more are available to run for president.

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Democratic Party

That fact is one reason why the GOP has a slew of governors, senators, and even private citizens available to try for the Oval Office. In the meantime, the Democrats are stuck with a morally and legally compromised Hillary Clinton and an avowed socialist Bernie Sanders. Neither candidate is very electable. The Democrats are facing a political abyss in 2016 and the prospect of the Republicans with a grip on national and state governments that could last a generation.

This development would be thanks to President Barack Obama. That development was not something anyone anticipated when Obama was elected for the first time on a wave of hope and change.

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