Disruption permeates the mindset of many here in Silicon Valley.

"How can we turn XYZ industry upside down?" is a question I hear often in coffee shops, Specialty's, Panera, Le Boulanger.

New 49ers in Silicon Valley

There are co-working spaces spread throughout the Valley filled with 21st century 49ers. They wear jeans and flip flops instead of boots. They hack at coding instead of hack at rock. But the dream is still there ... to strike it rich. Maybe make it to number 4 in the world at age 31, like another hoodie-wearing college drop out.


I speak at these co-working spaces. Not on how to code, but rather how to develop business plans, do social media marketing or just become an influencer in their niche. Few listen.

You can't swing a dead cat and not hit an Apple project

Apple is building a spaceship. I drive by one or more of their construction projects nearly every day.

The spaceship construction is less than a mile from the coffee ship, er, shop where I am sitting. One of their new star cruiser constructions is less than a mile from my home.

Apple didn't just buy the land to build that satellite space, they bought all the streets around it as well. Another co-working space bites the dust. The space actually became a literal pile of dust. The streets I used to navigate in that area are now gone, too.

"Hey, Martha. Did you know they named a street after me?"

Twenty years later.

"Hey Martha. That street they named after me is now gone. Is that some kind of omen for what will happen to me before long?"

In morning hour rush traffic I decided to take a short cut on a major street.


Gone. Pruneridge has been pruned. I should have used my Waze. I wonder out loud, is Google able to program their self-driving cars to not go down these new dead end rows.

Housing value jumps 50%

I am not complaining. It's great to be a part of a vibrant area such as Silicon Valley. And I live in the heart. Our house value has jumped a whopping 50% in the past year. LinkedIn built a new office nearby and rented that office out to ... you guessed it. Apple. 

Oh, and Apple is only the 2nd largest company in the neighborhood.

Google is just 5 miles away. And Facebook is another 5 from there.