Current political climate questionable

I think it's fair to say that the current political climate in Britain is, at best, unenviable. On one hand we have the Conservatives who seem transfixed on their unrelenting drive to install a privatized, upper class dictatorship onto the masses. On the other, we have a Labor Party which is struggling to identify itself whilst caught between the mammoth mandate that Jeremy Corbyn received in their 2015 leadership election and the misguided Blairites that refuse to go away.


While this current flux may seem abundantly obvious to all those that it directly affects -- the electorate -- the only people who seem to be under the impression that everything is as it should be are those vociferous animals that bark bizarre noises at each other over the parliamentary floor, week in and week out.

A video surfaced yesterday of Mr. Corbyn beginning a statement regarding his latest movements in Central Europe as debate begins regarding Britain's EU membership. An issue which is affecting millions of human lives across the UK and wider Europe should be one which draws reflection and humility from those with the power, however, the little boys and girls who somehow run our country felt that this would be a great time to throw a disrespectful heckle at the Labor leader.

It's a great example of the way that the current leaders of our country continue to mock those who are trying to force genuine change in a wildly unpredictable arena of global politics. Perhaps the saddest thing about the situation is the fact that this has become 'the norm' in terms of parliamentary debate. How any young people are supposed to engage in this kind of politics is a question which remains unanswered and, while Corbyn is desperately trying to encourage a shift in the mentality of these debates, any slither of trust that remains in our governments is being whittled down by the day.


One-upmanship has its place in a competitive society, but not in a debate which is going to affect the future for so many.