One of the strangest battles of Election 2016 is not Donald Trump vs. Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders, or even Jeb Bush vs. Marco Rubio. The squabble everyone is talking about pits Trump, the mercurial businessman who wants to be president of the United States, and Megyn Kelly, the rising star of Fox News and one of the most fearsome interviewers on the airwaves.

It all started during the very first Republican presidential debate when Kelly asked Trump about his habit of saying nasty things about women in public. Trump was so taken aback that a day or so later he would be equally nasty toward Kelly, saying, "you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes… Blood coming out of her wherever." The statement is at the same level as what Bill Maher called Sarah Palin.

Trump appears to be afraid of another face to face round with Kelly. He is threatening to boycott the next FNC debate unless Kelly is removed as a moderator. Fox News has, to its credit, refused to knuckle under to his demands. As of this writing whether Trump will attend the debate or not is up in the air.

The spectacle of a presidential candidate threatening to take his ball and bat and go home unless the mean girl who made him uncomfortable is not allowed to play is more than a little unbecoming. Trump, after all, is basing his candidacy on the theory that he is going to deal firmly with America’s enemies, whether it is forcing the Mexicans to build a border wall, forcing China into a better trade agreement, or raining fire and death on ISIS and taking their oil.

If he can’t handle Megyn Kelly, how can he be expected to deal with people like Vladimir Putin or even Justin Trudeau, the newly minted hippy-dippy Prime Minister of Canada?

Kelly has a well-deserved reputation for her ability to make guests on her Fox News show sweat by asking pointed questions. If one finds oneself being interviewed by her, one would be advised to bring one’s best game.

Trump’s response is to whine about how unfair Kelly is and then propose that he is going to run and hide from her. The behavior is pathetic for any man but dangerous for someone who proposes to be the leader of the Free World.

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