Every nation has its specific features. It is as true as it gets. Nobody questions certain particularities, yet at times we may witness some rather bizarre collective manifestations. One might say the America has a propensity to panic or even induce paranoia, as others would put it. An illustrative event in this regard would be the announcement which induced general panic amidst the population in the East Coast of the United States.

Over the last few days, media agencies and news bulletins have time and again presented, up to the degree of social intoxication, information, updates, and recommendations on the weather forecast and the already infamous snow storm befalling the East of the United States.


The amplitude of this meteorological phenomenon has come to be described in an almost apocalyptic manner. It is rated as the most powerful snow storm over the last decades. However, this can hardly stand as reason for panic and paranoia.

The reaction of the average American facing this ‘challenge’ was somewhat hilarious: Americans countered the meteorological phenomenon as they usually do – by buying stuff! Needless to comment on the images overflowing the Internet, images depicting the virtually empty hypermarket aisles.

This type of effort to avert the cold is way beyond exaggerated. Such a reaction would have been justified in the face of an actual threat such as a nuclear alert or a huge natural cataclysm, certainly not against the snow.

The fact that the forecasts presented by the main news channels show that the snow layer will be at an average of 60 centimeters makes it all the more hilarious. This quantity is not that out of the ordinary, considering the climate on the East Coast. When living in a temperate climate, such snow fall should not come as reason for general panic.


For instance, such snow quantities are frequent in Central Europe, and people in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, and Poland decently manage to live through this phenomenon without emptying the store shelves.