The hydrogen bomb, a weapon cited at 100 times more powerful than the atom bombs of WWII, is now in the hands of the war-hungry, unstable despot of North Korea. Still, the world is on alert in case there is truth to the claims -- as it should be, because "Supreme Leader" Kim Jong-un is not known for his sensibility and peaceful nature. The UN Security Council has even held an emergency meeting, as the tests are in clear violation of UN resolutions.

So what should we expect? Exactly how much, if at all, should America be panicking?

How True Are the Claims?

The same source that reported the success of the hydrogen bomb's tests also reported that Kim Jong-il invented the hamburger and -- not a joke -- archeologists discovered a unicorn lair.


Just take a look at their anti-America propaganda video:

The bad News is that the U.S. Geological Survey confirmed seismic activity with a 5.1 magnitude in North Korea (the same as their 2013 test) corresponding with the details of the test, though, this seems a bit small for a hydrogen bomb. The good news is that Japanese monitoring posts detected no radiation. Perhaps the success of the tests were obscured due to unicorn magic?

What Would Happen If North Korea Did Have an H-Bomb?

Most likely, North Korea would invade South Korea, perhaps even using the supposed thermonuclear device on South Korea's capital and most populated city, Seoul.

The two Koreas seem in a perpetual state of aggression, with border-fire and threats of war.

Japan is also on alert, with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe calling it a threat to the nation's security and stating frankly: "We absolutely cannot allow this, and condemn it strongly." Japanese-North Korean relations are strained, to put it politely, in part due to at least 17 kidnappings of Japanese citizens by North Korea in the late 70's and early 80's. In fact, a 2014 BBC World Service cited that 91% of the Japanese population view North Korea negatively, the highest in the world.


And, of course, the U.S. is at risk of a North Korean attack, also not hiding its condemnation of the regime. In fact, the U.S. already has Admiral William Gortner on standby in case of an attack, which shows how much the American government trusts the "Supreme Leader." The suspected range of North Korean nuclear missiles falls short of most of the continental U.S., sparing the east coast and southwest. However, the likeliest U.S. targets of a H-bomb strike are Hawaii, Alaska, and California, all of which, unfortunately, are likely within their capabilities.

Keep Calm and Carry On

While we should not take these claims as absolute truth of any kind, chances are they're just Kim Jong-un chest-beating again. If North Korea made any nuclear act of aggression, the entire world would retaliate, including China, one of the few friends North Korea has. The Chinese government says it "firmly opposes" the tests, and that they are "irrespective of the international community's opposition." All things considered, this just looks like another desperate attempt to scare the nations of the attempt which, unfortunately, seems to be working.