As Bill Cosby begins his fight in court for sexual assault claims, the questions surrounding his guilt continue to swirl. Unlike the average sexual assault case, the benefit of the doubt has been extended to Cosby by some who believe the media is attempting to smear his legacy. Unfortunately, the question of his legacy seems to be a debatebetween the life of Cliff Huxtable andthat ofDr. William Cosby.

Guilt or innocence isn't determined in the black community by what happens in the courtroom, but most Americans accept and respectthe outcome of a court case.

Mike Tyson went to prison on charges that most people in the black community felt were trumped up. Once Tyson was convicted and sent to prison, the story of Erin Cosby and Mike Tyson began to run in the newspapers. Bill Cosbys daughter accused Mike Tyson of attempting to rape her.

According to her story, her father knew about it and offered Tyson counseling which he didn't accept. She went on to accuse Tyson on one of the most popular daytime television shows ever (Donahue) and further attempted to bash his public image. It's not feasible to say someone is bringing Bill Cosby's image down without acknowledging his help in bringing down the image of Mike Tyson.

Bill Cosby has accused the mother of late rapper, actor, poet, and activistTupac Shakur of living off his drug money that he earned before his death.

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His legacy of disdain toward young blackmales was exemplified when he referred to them as "no grows" and referred to them as "stupid" for the way they talk. His hypocritical and rhetorical whippings of black people continued as he attacked single mothers, while himself having children out of wedlock. In his infamous "Pound Cake" speech, he pointed a finger at the black community and told them to be more accountable and responsible for their actions.

Mr. Cosby has yet to be accountable or take responsibility for any of the claims made against him.

Stories have been written questioning Cosby's educational background since the mid 80's. in 2014, Sam Simon (a writer who worked with Bill Cosby on Fat Albert) said that two of the writers wrote his thesis for him. It doesn't sound farfetched considering that Cosby was a high school drop-out who eventually earned adoctorate for a dissertation about his cartoon character Fat Albert.

He has multiple honorary degrees from many univerisities, however, many of them are being rescinded in the wake of felony charges he's facing in Pennsylvania.

The credibility gap begins to widen when one questions why so many accusers were paid for their silence. Having documents sealed wreaks of cover up in light of paying and/or bringing lawsuits against other accusers who brought false allegations.

Cosby has a history of legally destroying women attempting to steal, bribe, or extort money from him, yet only a small portion of his accusers and detractors are being sued.The allegations against him may or may not be true, but his admissionof buying Qualudesfor women in his early years is the most damning testimony, especially considering that he didn't answer the follow-up question of if the women knew they were taking the drug he had given them.

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