The year 2016 may be a turning point both in the matter of internal politics and in that of the diplomatic relations with foreign partners of the United States. Regardless of the voting options of American citizens, the future president of the United States will find himself or herself facing an equation with many unknowns. The political affiliation of the next president will fade in importance and a detachment of the interests of certain categories. Democrats and Republicans alike will facilitate the resolution of the main problems in the Unites States and, last but not least, will increase chances of being re-elected for another four years.


The domestic issues of the United States

As for domestic issues, the approach of the future president ought to take the latest major events into account. The gun control issue will certainly remain one of the main challenges throughout the term. The great dilemma around immigrants is almost as important, the extensive debate and dispute on this topic being well-known.

Although, from an economic perspective, the United States seems to be on the right track, the current oil price crisis may affect the domestic economy.

The relation with external partners

From the perspective of foreign politics the situation is highly intricate. From this point of view, a well-placed candidate would be Donald Trump. We ought to bear in mind that a few months ago, Russia’s current president Vladimir Putin made a series of statements which are flattering to the Republican candidate. Trump thus gained some unexpectedly useful support since many voters may elect him in hope of a healthy diplomatic relationship being re-established between the two countries.


Last but not least, the issue of the military conflicts abroad remains in a chronic state, the USA participating in these conflicts with military troops, above-ground military bases, and logistics and support for their allies. Many Americans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the perpetuation of these conflicts in remote areas.

No matter who the next president will be, whether it be Hillary, Sanders, Cruz or Trump, his or her term will have an agenda fraught with red flags, pitfalls, and hardship.