From a geopolitical point of view, the Middle East may certainly be referred to as ‘the world’s hotspot." A brief analysis clearly makes it obvious that the area stands at the crossroads of the interests of many states: Russia, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India, and last but not least, the United States.

The main root that lead to this situation of instability is without doubt the control over the oil and natural gas resources in the Persian Gulf area. This matter subsequently brought tension as well regarding the ethnic aspect.


Let us not forget the ethnic conflict awaiting to unfold between Pakistan and India, a conflict which commenced with the proclamation of the Pakistani state following the separation from India. That particular moment destabilized the entire region and made it possible for other geopolitical actors to issue economic, political, and territorial demands.

The substantial involvement of the United States in this geopolitical scene at the beginning of the 2000's only resulted in a further upset of the situation.

However, as long as the military coalition commanded from Washington maintained stationary troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, the situation appeared under control. The turbulence began with the retreat of the military troops and culminated with the rising of the Islamic State and of an alarming number of suicidal terrorist attempts which resulted in thousands of deaths and casualties.

Over the past days, Afghanistan was the target of a new terrorist attempt put in place by Talibans – the ones that the United States had removed from the government of the Afghan state in 2003 with the intervention in Afghanistan.


This time, the targets were the premises of the Russian diplomatic mission in Kabul. A few days earlier in Pakistan, another attempt organized by Taliban groups had targeted a commercial center.

We're thus left wondering if we're able to put an end to such events in the near future. The solutions are complex and may be crowned with success. The Middle East undoubtedly remains an unknown pion in the equation of global stability. Until this equation is solved, it's obvious that terrorist attempts and the loss of human lives will still make the daily news.