The constitutionality of President Obama's executive order to shield upwards of 5 million immigrants from deportation is entering the Supreme Court today. This comes on the heels of Donald Trump's claim that Senator Ted Cruz is ineligible to be president because he was born in Canada. As the conversation about immigration centers around whether or not immigrants can be presidents, whether or not we can be sure they are not terrorists, and whether or not they even belong in this country, we are forgetting that they are people, and regardless of what the Supreme Court says, regardless of what Trump says, they are human. Our discussions should focus constructively on the system that made their home countries inhospitable, and on the positive influence they have on our society. 

Those of us in favor of responsible immigration reform are on the defensive against a daily deluge of borderline or explicitly racist headlines which tell us that brown people should not be able to enter the country.

There are no problems with Dutch or English immigrants. Don't believe the politicians when they say it's about keeping our jobs for Americans and keeping our country safe. People don't have to move here to commit acts of terrorism, they can just buy a plane ticket. As Stephen Colbert famously showed, most Americans wouldn't take the jobs that our Mexican immigrants have, even if plainly offered to them. 

We must stop defending ourselves and asserting responsible immigration and instead discuss personal stories and sociological studies which explain what life is like for immigrants in America, as well as which socio-political situations at home made them move to America. The dehumanization of immigrants because a couple of gangsters and ISIS members slipped through is inhuman, radical, and racist.

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Remember when we stopped the immigration of bankers and real estate agents after reckless trading caused our economy to crash? You don't remember it because it didn't happen. There are hundreds of threats to America's existence, and none are more powerful than our potential to set aside morality and critical thinking and instead look out from our shores in fear and judgement.