A few classics must transcend the comics and be played in TV or movies. Here are some of the greatest:

1 – Magneto rips Wolverine’s adamantium

In X-Men: Fatal Attractions, Magneto was deadly injured by Wolverine in a surprise attack. Really pissed off, Erik strikes back -- badly injured and with blood flowing through his body – by tearing Wolverine’s adamantine skeleton from his body. Traumatic? You bet!

2 – Flash takes out all the Rogues

In the comic book Flash Vol 1 #155, the Scarlet Speedster is faced by the Rouges as a group for the very first time. Of course it was just a manipulation by Gorilla Grodd, but it was a very peculiar and fun scene to see all six being smacked down by the fastest man alive.

3 – Hal Jordan resurrected

Yes, yes: the Green Lantern movie was one of the worst superheroes movies ever. But the comic books are undeniably among the best written pieces you can hope for.After joining the corps, saving it time and again, destroying it with his own hands, becoming one of DC’s best villains (one that really destroyed the world and created reality more to his liking), sacrificing himself to reignite the Sun (and save Superman), assuming the mantle of God’s Spirit of Vengeance and even fighting Marvel’s Thanos in an epic combat, Jordan is resurrected from the dead by Ganthet, the Guardian.

His speech while life flows back to his body is nothing less than awesome!Maybe in the new DC universe, be it in the movies or on television, we may get a chance to see the Emerald Gladiator come back to life.

4 – Batman slaps Robin in the face

Might be in Gotham, might be in a movie, or might be in something else entirely. Originally in World’s Finest #153, the meme that took over the web was originally located in a story about Batman and Superman as enemies.It was not a “canonic” story, just something of what might have been.

So, in the end, it never happened.Batman was a vengeance consumed villain who would use any scientific artifice he could get his hands on to face and defeat Superman. Robin eventually tries to talk him out of this maniac behavior, and is met with a nice smack in the face.

5 – Batman beats the hell out of Superman

In The Dark Knight Returns #4, we finally see the results of Batman’s endeavors. He built a super suit, trained like crazy and finally went on to face his great friend of old.Even if it was a Batman comic book and not a Superman one, there was still a lot on tension and uncertainty as to who would win.

In the upcoming Dawn of Justice movie, we will probably see some action between the two of them, but it's unlikely they will get to a final result – Wonder Woman or Doomsday will probably get in the way and they will go on to being friends.

Even so, this is an epic fight between natural born powers versus cunning and guts, and who doesn’t like when Superman takes a beating?

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