What is Democratic Socialism? Bernie Sanders is taking the definition to the American people. He explains Democratic Socialism as a blend of capitalism and the administration of social welfare for the people of the United States. Our government is based on the solid idea of democracy, a government for the people and by the people.

Bernie has the idea that we should take care of our people, he wants to strengthen and expand many social welfare programs like social security, welfare, and veteran's programs.


He wants to reduce the gap between the people who control huge amounts of wealth and the people of the beleaguered middle class and the poverty-stricken. By reducing unfair tax cuts to the very rich, Bernie can use that money to expand social programs that benefit the bulk of the population.

According to Bernie's official website, he supports many helpful issues that benefit the people. He also has experience in the political arena since 2006, and he has definitive plans outlined to accomplish his goals. He doesn't just stand up and try to sway voters, he knows what's needed to get the job of President done.

Defining the Presidential issues for 2016

Bernie is imminently encouraging on the following issues:

  • Income and wealth inequality -- plans to raise the minimum wage for all workers, demand that the very wealthy pay their fair share, reversing trade policies that support tax cuts, creating jobs, reforming healthcare
  • Get big money out of politics, restoring true democracy.
  • Continue the support to combat climate change
  • Introduce a fair and humane immigration policy
  • Institute racial justice and promote women's rights
  • Caring for our veterans
  • Reforming Wall Street
  • Ending war and promoting peace -- reducing our outlandish military budget
  • The Rebuild America Act -- a trillion dollar plan to rebuild crumbling infrastructure -- paid for by making corporations pay taxes on all of the profits that have been shifted to offshore tax havens
  • Supports renewable energy and promotes "clean" job programs

Bernie Sanders has come from obscurity to be one of the top contenders for the 2016 Presidential election, and he has done so by being social and promoting true democracy.