Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith will boycott this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. Both are angry because no black folk won any golden statues last year and they won’t win any this year either. Lee and Smith should feel my pain. I am an Asian-American man and I cannot even remember the last time an Asian actor has ever won anything.


The closest an Asian actor will get to an Oscar is if he’s delivering it. Oddly, I don’t see any Asians threatening a boycott. Where are they? We don’t worry about it because we don’t take the Academy Awards too seriously.

Who thought ‘Shakespeare in love’ was a great movie?  

So take heart, black folk, I understand your pain. For all I know, the only Asians at the Academy Awards will be parking cars. Am I upset about it? No. Do I care? Again, no I don’t.

Jada Pinkett Smith (Wikipedia)
Jada Pinkett Smith (Wikipedia)

I boycotted the Academy Awards years ago after Shakespeare in Love beat Saving Private Ryan for best movie of 1999. Even Shakespeare probably rolled in his grave.

Saving Private Ryan is one of the greatest movies ever made. From the moment the Allies stormed Normandy to the closing credits, the movie was a masterpiece. Someone at the academy thought a long dead English guy with writer’s block was better than Allies storming a beach under a hail of gunfire.


Here’s six more reasons to boycott the Academy Awards. Take a look at these six people and tell me what they have in common:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Tom Cruise
  • Johnny Depp
  • Glenn Close
  • Harrison Ford
  • Ed Harris

None of these actors have ever won either. Can someone who votes for these awards honestly say none of these performers deserved an award?

Are Academy Awards even relevant anymore?

Although no black actors are nominated, they did choose comedian Chris Rock to host the program.

He even referred to the ceremony as the “White People BET.” Does anyone even consider the Academy Award relevant today? It used to be when there was nothing else to watch. Like the Miss America pageant and the Atari, the Academy Awards have become an old dinosaur.

Should the academy change how they decide who wins awards?

They should change their voting format. Why not let movie buffs decide? It’s how American Idol winners are chosen. They let fans decide.


The academy could give fans a third of the vote. In November, Americans will vote for a new president. If Americans can vote in a president, can’t they also decide who should get an Academy Award?

To the black entertainers who want to boycott the Academy Awards, I will join you. Besides, I prefer underrated Indie movies. Not only are the directors and actors unknown, but the storylines are usually more creative.

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