The story of "Harry Potter" is one that almost everyone knows something about, and the movies have become a major part of pop culture. J.K. Rowling turned her novels into some of the most lucrative movies in the history of cinema with gross profits of the 8 films collecting nearly 8 billion dollars worldwide. In my opinion, the fans deserve a continued story that focuses on the life and times of Hermione Granger, a character Rowling herself proclaims to be a borderline genius and one of the most clever and skilled wizards in the world.


Hermione is the brightest witch her age

A witch as bright, clever and skilled as Hermione is most certainly destined to live an interesting life and have adventures worthwhile of a standalone series. It’s no secret that Hermione stole the thunder from Harry as the main character numerous times in the movies and saved Harry Potter and Ron Weasley from certain death on more than one occasion. While Harry may have been the chosen one, Hermione is the one fans will choose if her character is allowed to have a story of her own. The merchandising and toy line would give young girls a strong, empowered female character to look up to and admire.

Elevating Hermione Granger from a sidekick to the star validates her true potential that was never realized in "Harry Potter."

Emma Watson is still the perfect choice for Hermione

Rowling made the perfect choice when she cast Emma as Hermione Granger, so in my opinion no other actor could fill her shoes at this point in a film reboot of the franchise. With a bit of wisdom that comes from her age, and the experience that Emma has under her belt bringing Hermione to life on the big screen, the character could reach new heights of intrigue and introspection.


The continued adventures of Hermione could prove to be a bigger hit than the original Harry Potter story. Certainly there could be some sort of magical situation that arises that only Hermione, with the help of Ron and perhaps a cameo from Harry, can fix. If there was a First and Second Wizarding War then surely the possibility of a Third Wizarding War or a similar event exists. This is after all fiction and creative writing, which Rowling excels at. If George Lucas can go back to making "Star Wars" movies and Steven Spielberg can revisit "Indiana Jones," certainly there is room for Rowling to expand her franchise and place Hermione Granger at the forefront of the storytelling where she belong.