There is no secret that the Soccer world is abuzz about the curious decision of U.S National Team Striker Jordan Morris signing with the Seattle Sounders over Bundesliga club Werder Bremen. Jordan Morris has been offered the richest homegrown player deal for a player in MLS history. Specifically, Morris will receive $675,000 in guaranteed money over the next three years. It appears that the Seattle Sounders moved heaven and earth to make this deal happen.

The Sounders had no choice but to spend every penny left in their Homegrown Player Budget in order to obtain the necessary funds to sign Justin Morris.

If Justin Morris had received any more than what he was given in his contact, his salary would be credited against the Sounders’ salary cap. This would have increased their difficulty in terms of maintaining a solid roster.

The MLS may have played an indirect role in Seattle’s landing of Justin Morris via a recent rule change in regard to additional funds. One rule change included giving each MLS team an additional $125,000 in Homegrown player funds for the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

When I first heard of Justin Morris’ decision to sign with MLS, I felt that he had made the wrong decision. Given the vast divergence in skill level and difficulty between Major League Soccer and the German Bundesliga, I couldn't help but feel that Justin Morris was selling himself short by signing with a league that has a lesser degree of difficulty.

I have always held strong to the belief that the upper echelon of U.S national team players should challenge themselves by signing with teams in the Barclays Premier League, German Bundesliga, or Serie A. Players such as Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey have clearly benefited from their stints in the Barclays Premier League.

This line of thinking falls in with a quote by Olympic gold medalist Dorothy Hamill: “To be the world’s best, you have to beat the world’s best."

Thus, I thought that Justin Morris may have made a naïve decision based on an overabundance of love for home and country. After all, he's a native of Seattle, Washington.After further review, I have come to the conclusion that Justin Morris has made the right decision by signing with the Seattle Sounders over Bundesliga team Wermer Berden.

First of all, Wermer Berden’s tenure in the German Bundesliga is in jeopardy. The team is currently in the league’s relegation zone with only 15 points in 17 matches. One cannot blame Justin Morris for avoiding the uncertainty of potentially starting his promising professional career with a second-tier German squad.Secondly, Jordan Morris can always explore playing in the world’s top soccer leagues after the expiration of his three-year contract with the Sounders.

After all, Clint Dempsey had a brief stint with the New England Revolution before his successful stints with Everton and Tottenham Hotspur. Tim Howard played six years with the New York Metrostars before signing with Manchester United and his current team, Everton.

Thus, it's quite possible that Jordan Morris could begin his international career at the age of 24 as opposed to 21.

Jordan Morris has made the right decision for the time-being. His love for home and country is justified in this instance, provided that he succeeds with the Sounders, I will still be disappointed if he chooses not to play in the Barclays Premier League or German Bundesliga after his contract expires.

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