When I think of justice, words like impartiality, objectivity, neutrality, morality, honesty and righteousness come to mind. It flourishes at the very core of liberty and equality, because without it, there can never be unity among the people of any nation. In America justice has always been referred to as a lady, as in Lady Justice. This implies the notion that the hand of justice will always be dealt from the standpoint of dignity and humanity. However, for to many Americans, if justice truly was a lady surely she must be a woman scorned. That age-old cliche, "hell has no fury like a woman scorned", has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to the infamous Lady Justice.

Miscarriage of Justice

For years we were taught to believe that Americans were a decent people, with a sense of integrity and moral standards. We were taught to believe that justice in America was blind and bore no biases for any persons, and thattruth and honor rested upon her shoulders. Sadly, for too many Americans, this belief has been shattered - for not only is justice not blind, but it appears that she is biased in favor of the wealthy. To understand the true nature of justice in America all one has to do is look inside her courtrooms and prison cells. We live in a nation where only 13.2% of the entire population is accounted for by Black Americans, so how is it possible that this one race of people can account for more than 70% of the population of every prison in this country?

It is no surprise that America is number one in the entire world for the number of incarcerated per capita. Not to mention the obscene number of innocent lives locked away simply because they lacked the financial means to acquire competent legal representation, which in itself gives proof to the widely believed notion that Lady Justice is the rich man's harlot and the poor man's widow.

The truth of the matter is, justice in America has never been a lady. The term lady refers to a woman of high social standing, or refinement, and often seen as dignified or well mannered, and clearly history has proven time and time again that the American justice system is not suitable to bare the honor.

The Peace of Justice

Regarding the laws of this or any nation, like many, I believe that if a citizen is in defiance of a righteous ordinance then he or she must be held accountable -but the application of the ordained laws must be the same for everyone, regardless of race or financial and social standing. When the system subscribes to the appeasement and amusement of others, by sending an innocent citizen to death row where he waits in prison to be murdered by the very people who swore to protect him, there can never be justice. How can it be justice that, after so many decades have passed, American citizens are still fighting the war for equality and legal fairness? Not to mention the growing epidemic that has caused so many to fear those who took oaths to keep our communities safe, but instead are taking innocent lives at the taxpayers' expense; certainly, this is not justice.

From the moment America proclaimed herself to be a free and independent nation, there was injustice. This has been at the core of our thriving divisiveness and racial inequality, and it is time for America to finally understand that a nation without the practice of true justice can never be a nation of peace.

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