There are classes offered on how to be genuine. This baffles me. Still people pay big bucks to coaches only to be told that they should be themselves. Problem is, I suppose, that people don't like themselves and they want to be someone else. Authenticity is lost.

WYSIWYG. What you see is what you get.

How about this acronym? DTMSM. It's pronounced did 'em sum. And you say, I want the did 'em sum (DTMSM). And it means, Don't tell me, show me.

Theories abound. What we really want is to know what actually works.


CodeInWP reported earlier on a DTMSM case study.

I will share here a summary of that report

The appeal of the report is that it's not so much about how to grow a community but how a community was grown.

8 steps to grow an online tribe

  1. Speak - Be so good at what you do that people ask, "How'd you do that?" The more people you get in front of, the more they get to know the real you.
  2. Word of mouth - When you speak, write or broadcast, go above and beyond. Deliver something that no one else does. Do more than expected. Do hard things. Deliver the 'wow' factor and people will talk about you.
  3. Content - Barely 1% of all content online is original. Most of what you read online is a rehash of the 1% someone else created. Produce original content. Be part of the 1%.
  4. Twitter - Believe it or not you can rise above the noise and create a group of followers. Those followers can learn to care about you and your content. The tweebs will come to your site.
  5. Organic - Provide solutions. Fix problems. Be a go-to person and people will seek you out. They really will. Google has created a tremendous resource with their search engine IF you are worthy of being searched out.
  6. Home site - Have an online presence. Make sure that when people come looking for you online, there is a way for them to engage with you, leave comments, fill out a contact form, or jump in a forum you moderate.
  7. Meetup - These guys created a great platform post 9/11 for people to connect physically. Fifteen years later, people are still connecting. See number 5 about solving problems and number 1 about getting in front of people.
  8. LinkedIn - There are droves of people who would like to connect with you. But first, be worth connecting to.

Don't go social first.

Be authentic first.                           

Are these the only ways to build a community? Of course not. But they are a great start.

Start now. You know you want to.