We are in the age of disinformation, as we are so interconnected now that it's harder for traditional propaganda to influence (or as neo-liberals prefer nudge) people into a desired state of emotion. The media sources and outlets are flooded with facts, fiction, and fantasy, making it harder for people to make an informed decision on what's happening beyond their own experiences. If you bog people down with trivia and angst then they lose sympathy for anything beyond their own parameters.

Good people have their own free will.


They can stop engaging with the information bombarding them. Also, much of the compassion fatigue is actually neurotic guilt and pity, not empathy, and that doesn't help people. If you can actually DO something to change things with your empathy it's fine, but if you can't, the empathy is a wasted emotion and turns into guilt, which then turns into collective guilt (compassion fatigue).

I've long been uncomfortable with charities using ad agencies to pump out depressing campaigns of increasing horror to tug at a limited number of heart strings.

On the basis that the best campaign wins, you get a vile effect where MS wins out over Dementia if it has a better ad team or more seed money. As a result, you get less and less willing to engage with the literature and TV begging even if you're an empathic person, because you're being asked to make a choice of one crisis over another.

The deficit of the ability to empathize is a neuro-anatomical/physiological disorder which contributes to sociopathy and psychopathy. There's also 'compassion fatigue' which may or may not exist and is a different entity altogether.


The former is congenital, and the latter is acquired.

It's an area that isn't fully understood, but current understanding is that the lack of the ability to empathize associated with sociopaths/psychopaths is an actual congenital absence of the part of the brain responsible. I suppose an over-simplistic analogy would be the difference between someone born without legs, compared to someone who is currently so exhausted that they feel too weak to attempt to walk.

It's certain that one's ability to function day to day would be impaired by empathizing and emoting with and over every input without there being some rational filtering going on.

It seems that the vast majority of government politicians and media moguls actually are sociopaths, i.e. they lack the ability to empathize, and they're doing their damnedest to stop the rest of us empathizing by using any means they have to convince us that the vulnerable are the enemy, and don't deserve empathy. If people can be convinced that those on benefits, for example, really are lazy, workshy -- ill or not -- then fulfilling the ideological cuts will be a lot easier for them. Similarly, it's suspected that if we're all encouraged to see immigrants generally as troublesome and 'potential terrorists,' we might be distracted enough not to notice the economic terrorism of the government.


Some information on certain issues -- say drownings of migrants or terrorist attacks outside 'the west' for example -- are often only relayed as numbers without much 'story' or journalism involving people that are involved, or the situation surrounding it. So, all people are left with is numbers, which are hard to identify with, as opposed to ' close to home ' disasters where personal stories are often recounted in depth. When you just hear figures it dehumanizes the story or issue and makes it harder to empathize, even though the reader/watcher feels that they've been fed the 'facts.'

The world is an abattoir, and people don't want to think about that. Due to the fact that they're being smashed, they don’t have the time -- and it's easier to absorb the propaganda model reinforced daily.