From the beginning of man's existence, our continued survival has depended upon not only our ability to procreate, but, more importantly, our unselfish capacity to love beyond our individual selves because we understood the vitality of the safety and progression of our future generations -- our children. However, in these latter years, our nation's cruelty, perversion, and negligence have destroyed the very nature of who and what we are as a people, and because of this, we are facing inevitable extinction (for which we can only blame our own self-imposed genocide). Since the future of all nations exists within the survival of their children, it's crucial that we understand, that if we allow the destruction of our most precious commodity, the nation, too, will be destroyed.

A Lost Generation

When I ponder the condition of today's society, I am the least mortified by the disdainful existence of our nation's children. It's unmistakably clear that we as a society have lost not only our sense of preservation and prioritization, but our sense of humanity as well. Any nation in this state of existence should be covered in shame at the mere inkling that they have allowed this kind of suffering and damnation to befall those who carry the weight of the future of mankind on their shoulders. The even greater atrocity, is that everyone is waiting for someone to assume responsibility for eradicating an epidemic that has targeted our most valued treasures. When are we as a nation of seemingly intelligent and rational human beings going to wake up and realize that we have yet to acknowledge our greatest failure?

The fast track to nowhere

I have never been more perplexed than I am each time I think of how the many generations of people of all races have vigorously marched and protested against racism, gender biases, financial disenfranchisement, and many other issues of human importance. With many facing imprisonment or death, they continued on because it was more important to be equal citizens than to exist in physical, economical, or moral bondage, so why now are we so tolerant of the destruction and the suffering of our nation's children?

While we as a nation focus on excelling financially and politically, we must ask ourselves, what will it suffice any nation to have these kinds of achievements if they're going to be placed in the hands of an unprepared generation who carries in their hearts and minds resentment and hostility toward the very nation they're going to lead?

Do we not see that there is a runaway train on the tracks of our nation and our children are on it? It will ultimately be too late if we don't act now, for there have never been, nor will there ever be a greater threat to the future of a nation.

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