Paul LePage, Maine’s governor may have a future as a stand-up comedian after his political career ends. During a recent radio interview, he jokingly said drug dealers should have their heads cut off by a guillotine. The statement shows his support for taking a strong stance against drug dealers.Does the governor even know that Maine outlawed public execution in 1887? The governor had also said that drug dealers named D-Money, Smoothie, and Shifty only visit Maine for the young white women.

Mixing Mountain Dew with racing fuel isn’t recommended for drinking purposes

Most of us know that teenagers don’t always make the best decisions.

An ABC affiliate from Tennessee reported that a teenager named Logan Stephenson and a friend drank a deadly mixture of Mountain Dew and racing fuel. And no, they weren’t entrepreneurs trying to create a special fuel for cars. Unfortunately, Stephenson died and his friend was hospitalized at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Anonymous Denver Broncos player said he tried to place his junk in Tom Brady’s face

Last weekend, the Denver Broncos hit Tom Brady so hard that his ancestors felt the pain. Without an offensive line, Brady spent most of the game on his back looking at the clouds. How bad was the Patriot’s front line? They were so bad that Bill Belichick canned the offensive line coach within hours of arriving home. It’s unknown if the team allowed him to fly home or if they made him walk home.

According to Deadspin, an anonymous Broncos player described what he tried to do to Tom Brady. “I tried to rub my nuts on his face.”

So why be anonymous? If a man makes a junk comment about another man, he shouldn’t hide his identity. Also, why are the Broncos still talking smack about the Patriots? The Broncos would have probably lost if Patriots kicker Steven Gostkowski hadn’t missed a vital extra point.

The Broncos won’t bully the Panthers as they did the Patriots because the Panthers have an offensive line. And then there’s Michael Oher, the guy from the “Blind Side” movie. He’s looking for his second Super bowl ring. Chances are good that he will be showing it to his adoptive parents and maybe Sandra Bullock.

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