In his foreword to Mark Epstein’s book, “Thoughts without a Think: Psychotherapy from a Buddhists Perspective,” the Dalai Lama writes, “the purpose of life is to be happy." Indeed, the quest for happiness is a common denominator that unifies human beings and possibly all living things. We all want to be happy but no matter how much one would want to be happy all the time, it just goes without saying that there are moments in life when that happiness is elusive.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today

He who talks of postponing to the following day that which can be accomplished today is always perceived as a liar.


As a matter of truth, persons who have made it a tendency to put off impending tasks to a later time succumb to the detrimental false notion that they can perform well under pressure.

Putting off impending tasks to a later time slows a person’s pursuit of happiness, leads to stress, a sense of guilt, and inability to meet responsibilities. The place of happiness in their life is often occupied by the overwhelming demand to accomplish the tasks and the resounding echo of a dismal outcome. A person who postpones is always remorseful and unhappy for incomplete tasks and a pile of unmet goals in life.

Happiness follows those who complete their tasks within outlined timelines, it belongs to you today and beyond if you commit to resist the appealing temptation to put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

Never trouble another for what you can do yourself

It is a necessary life skill to say NO to passing on to others what you can do yourself. Acknowledging a spouse’s beauty can be taken for granted but it does mean a lot. Indeed lack of it ends up becoming as source unhappiness in most relationships.


When a person refuses to acknowledge the beauty of a spouse, they not only invite tension in their relationship but give way for outsiders to acknowledge that beauty.

People have always been found to develop some warmth towards those who acknowledge them for who they are or whatever they possess. Why risk living an unhappy life for not doing what you can do yourself? Why let the person in your life warm towards those who acknowledge her beauty when you can do it yourself?

You can very easily become a victim of missed opportunities, waste a lot of your quality time and lead an unhappy life by troubling other people to do what you can do yourself.

JUST DO IT yourself. The outcome is fulfilling and the smile will always be yours.

Never spend it before you have it

Whether one can use money to buy happiness is debatable, but we cannot ignore the instrumental role of money on one’s path to happiness.

People use money to buy the many things that they need to gratify their desire for a happy life. Money at the same time can be a very dangerous sharp double edged sword capable of ruining one’s happiness if carelessly used. People who have experience with spending their money before having it would agree faster than those who are yet to do so that it is very dangerous to spend what you don’t have.


They would advise you to avoid it at all costs.

Spending money ahead of having it leads a person to a perpetual life of debts. It forces one into losing the ability to have control over their money and the purpose of earning it. Your happiness is valuable than the push to spend the money in other people’s wallets. It is more valuable than the draining life of clearing debts. Resist the urge to spending money before you have it, there is joy and satisfaction in taking control of your cash flow.