The year of 2015 will be remembered for its great cultural releases. Books, videogames, music, movies and TV Series! So, here a few of the best I’ve found this year. And, yes, a few are Netflix exclusive.

1 – Better Call Saul

Well, well, well. Our old friend Saul Goodman is back. A spin-off series from Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul is a TV series about six years before Saul and Walter first meet. Now, Saul is still known as Jimmy McGill. This is a great series, but telling more could incur in spoilers.

So, just take the hint: watch it!

2 – Jessica Jones

Read this carefully: nine out of ten nerds you’ll find will tell you the TV series is way better than the original comics. This is parallel to the Lord of the Rings movie adaptation from the books.

Jessica is a Private Investigator with a traumatized past and uncertain future.

A Netflix production, excelling in every aspect! Probably the best superhero TV show ever, with a great antagonist and even greater co-stars.

3 - Agent Carter

This TV series tells the story of Peggy Carter after the events in the first Captain America movie.

Although Peggy struggles to keep a normal job and life, she also helps Howard Stark (Tony’s father) prove his innocence against accusations of illegal weapons dealing. So, alongside his butler, called Jarvis, she undertakes secret missions and helps to tell the beginnings of many legends in the Marvel universe.

4 - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

A light hearted and extremely funny series about a woman who comes to New York after living in a shelter for several years.

Kimmy tries to learn what is new in the world and deal with the fact that she’s a woman now.

A really clever show, with awesome jokes. Sometimes it’s too much and a couple characters could be completely erased. But, looking at the big picture, it’s a great show and the first season ended with great hooks for a second time around!

5 - Empire

Another great show! But completely different from stuff you’ve seen on TV.

Refined, beautiful and filled with great acting.

We can say Empire tells the story of the Lyon Dynasty, created by Lucious Lyon, a super hip-hop star, founder of the epic Empire company and father of three. If you like hip-hop and drama, this one is mandatory! And even if it’s not your style, give it a chance. It’s filled with many great storylines.

Final thoughts about the best 2015 new shows

All shows in this list are awesome. You should really watch them all this year! A great way to spend the holydays.

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