Hip-Hop has had and still has a lot of groups, and many acts we cherish today started off in a group. Hip-Hop groups are a great platform for rappers to showcase their talents collectively to draw more listeners. One talent complimenting another; where one act is lacking others fills in. Rap groups, like anything else, have some more than others exceeding expectations and creating something never before seen. Here are Hip-Hop's five most outstanding groups. These groups influenced the culture and command a large number of loyal followers. Please note, this is in no particular order and rap duos are not included:



N.W.A came out hard and started a new genre away from the feel-good style of the time. Every member had his distinctive contribution to the group that was much needed to make N.W.A. stand out: from Dr Dre's brilliant production skills to Ice Cube's brave lyrical content, and the other's unique input made sure reality rap or gangster rap was born.

2. Wu-Tang Clan

In the early 90's came the birth of something that seems almost impossible in Hip-Hop, the birth of the Wu-Tang Clan -- a group that boasted nine MC's (ten, if Cappadona is included) -- each with a unique style coming together to create something that hadn't been heard before. First, they tried out what many might consider a risky experiment which is, infusing martial arts into Hip-Hop, and second, managing the egos of nine or ten MC's each vying for the spotlight.

Even now, they've got some of the most loyal and dedicated fans out there.

3. A Tribe Called Quest

This group brought to the culture of Hip-Hop a unique style that was lively and easy to absorb -- along with a wealth of lyrical content.

4. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Bone Thugs brought a never-before-seen rap singing style that made them stand out among all others, cleverly infusing singing into their raps at break-neck speeds.What's more is that even though they follow this almost religiously, each member still maintains a unique form and delivery: singing and rapping in perfect harmony, literally.

5. The Roots

The Roots, a group from Philadelphia, created by Questlove and Black Thought is no doubt the most successful band in Hip-Hop culture. They prove that Hip-Hop can indeed have a band with longevity. Even though there has been changes in their members (some coming in and some going out), the quality of their music remains intact, and the lyrics and delivery of Black Thought keeps him in the conversation as one of the greatest MC's of all-time.

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