It seems now that it has become a far too often occasion that we are hearing the news about the negligent behavior of too many of our trigger-happy police officers.There are many who have painted these inhumane crimes simply as acts of racism, however, it is my belief that the root of this epidemic lies far beyond race.

Natural Killers

With or without a badge, the single most difficult thing for any normal decent human being to do is to take the life of another. The unnatural act of killing someone is far too tormenting to the soul of the caring and valued heart. It is my contention that these particular officers were ruthless killers long before they ever wore a badge, which only gave them the license to do what was already in their evil nature.

Race only comes into the equation simply because in the minds of these officers, these young black victims make the easiest and most likely targets, subscribing to society's ongoing stigma and perception when it comes to many of our young black men. The real truth is, these so called police officers use these kinds of situations to fulfill their burning desires to kill.

Hired Guns

The real culprit is the negligent system that hires these killers and give them the license to kill at will, and worst, there is very little to no accountability required by this very same system for the deadly behavior of their hired guns.It is also my contention that if it was not for being allowed to so easily become police officers, many of these very men in blue would be nothing more than common ruthless criminals and in some cases, serial killers.

Certainly this does not account for the many great men and women who put their lives on the line and honorably serve within our police departments daily, however, until this code of silence among our police officers is eradicated, the good ones will continue to be viewed as harshly as the evil ones.

Silent Truth

When we as a society simplify this growing epidemic to be just an issue of racism, then we will remain unaware of and unwilling to recognize and deal with the true nature of the beast that lives among us.We often focus on the predators and killers we have come to fear and loathe in our society, but what about the predators we pay and rely on to protect us and our children.

Who is going to protect society from the killers with badges? Until we are able to look through the smoke screen of racism when it comes to this growing epidemic, the monster will continue to breed. To defeat this particular monster, we must first understand its true nature, because no matter how racially challenged an individual is, killers don't kill simply because they are racist, they kill because they can.

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