It's nearly impossible to discuss healing the wounds inflicted on society by hatred and divisiveness, without addressing the issue of racism that is still so prevalent today. In the astonishing progression of this great nation, how is it that we have failed so miserably in the aspect of human relation? After more than a hundred years since the so-called slavery, how is it that freedom and equality are still the most coveted rights today, for which we are still fighting the same fight of our ancestors? The answer seems quite clear - there is no honor in promises that are ill-designed. When designed by lies and deception, promises are never intended to be realized.

From Tyranny to Tyrant

More than two hundred years ago, the leaders of this nation's first colonies came together in a collaboration that resulted in the creation of the most hypocritical document in history. It was upon this false notion that America stood proudly, and still does today -The DeclarationOf Independence.To free themselves from the tyranny and inhumane treatment of a tyrant king, America declared her independence and sparked a war against those they once called their brothers. In writing this document, words like equality were used to justify their position, but they soon forgot the very meaning of these words the moment their independence was acquired. The phrase "All men are created equal" became nothing more than an empty cliche or meaningless rhetoric, because if it held any substance at all, we wouldn't be fighting this same old war today.The Declaration of Independence was a lie the day it was designed.

What kind of people would have fought to free themselves from a king's tyrant rule, then take it upon themselves to inflict tyranny of the worst kind upon an innocent people? Now, here we are so many decades later, fighting the same fight for freedom and fair treatment in a nation that was built on the enslaved shoulders of an abused people.

Let's be clear, equality is no longer a request for Americans, it's a mandate. It's no longer a question of when, it simply must be right now.

The Etiology of Racism

What must be realized is that racism is a disease and the etiology is more than clear. The symptoms have a national effect and it's only contagious by way of teaching.

It's a mental condition that requires no medication but certainly accountability. Like any other disease, racism requires a host to live and breed, for where there is no host, the diseasemust eradicate. However, in order to kill this cancer of racism, there must be a change in the mental status of all Americans. There's no one single race that possesses the power to strike down this epidemic. It must be a collaborative effort from every American race. To do this, we must first put racism in its proper perspective. Racism was around long before America was a nation, and it didn't begin or end with the implementation or eradication of slavery, and slavery did not end with the Emancipation Proclamation Act, it simply changed course - it's now filtered through our over crowded prison system.

Racism is an enemy to all Americans, and if we're going to defeat it, it's important that we do so as a collective.

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