If we find the other Christmas movies too sweet, this horror animation movie by Tim Burton (he wrote the screenplay and did the production as well) can be the perfect choice. In addition, in The Nightmare Before Christmas, Christmas is mixed with another holiday: Halloween. To this day, it's regarded as one of Burton's best, and with good reason.


If we want a Christmas romantic comedy, then the acknowledged movie of Richard Curtis is the perfect choice.

In the several parallel, sometimes merging storylines, there are a lot of stars who get into adventures around Christmas, and make our hearts beat or make us cry tears of joy. Everyone can – or will be able to – mention a favorite scene from Love Actually, for example, the British Prime Minister’s dance, a flashmob as a wedding surprise, a love confession written on cardboard, among others. This film also features an all-star cast, including Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, and Walking Dead alum Andrew Lincoln.


There are a lot of remakes in film history based on the novel of Charles Dickens titled A Christmas Carol, and probably this modernized version is the most genuine among them. Everyone’s favorite, Bill Murray impersonates the cold hearted Scrooge, more precisely, he is called Frank Cross in this version, a cynical TV producer who hates Christmas and doesn’t care about anybody or anything outside of audience measurements.

However, even he cannot avoid his fate: the three ghosts find him (just like they found Scrooge in the original story), but instead of touching moments, we can see funny ones.


Everyone knows the green creature that literally stole Christmas. Based on the storybook of Dr. Seuss, in this live action remake we can see the rubber-faced Jim Carrey, who is really hiding behind a rubber mask this time.

Of course, the Grinch’s perception changes just like his own character. This is one of those rare movies in which Carrey doesn’t appear in funny or dramatic scenes, but in very touching ones.

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