The Chicago Department Of Public Health released a “campaign” called “Vaping." I highly suggest Chicago reassess their effort quickly before they cost lives.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this. Finally, a big city like Chicago is – wait a minute! No, they’re plastering Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #VapingTruth. This is very similar to the #Curbit campaign out of sunny California some time ago. I read down the line of the “campaign” and found nothing about education. NOTHING about the "Vaping Truth."

Most of the key “wibble words” are used properly. Children, toxins, flavors, risks, and many more.

They, among other lies, saynicotine is highly addictive. Vaping is not smoking, and the Chicago Department of Public Health is lying. If they're trying to stop kids from e-cigarette use, why would they put out a campaign targeting adults?

They want it classified as tobacco to recoup the cigarette taxes they’ve been losing, all while misinforming the public with deception. They want people to keep smoking. There's absolutely NO responsibility or truth in the opening statements of this campaign.

I challenge you both, Mayor Emanuel and Dr. Julie Morita, as you embark on this “campaign," to contact Dr. Farsalinos at e-cigarette research. He and his team are one of the leading sources of UNBIASED research in the field -- good or bad, they do not hold back.

Diacytel? Formaldehyde? They've studied it. What IS found in e-cigarettes is profoundly less than in good old cigarettes. Where's your campaign on those?

I also want you to keep in mind:

  • Vapers are adults choosing to use e-cigs, despite your claims, are not smoking by the millions.
  • Vapers are looking for and doing more research on e-cigarettes than most organizations, who are both ignoring them AND lying to the rest of the public.
  • When you say this is an educational campaign, you haven’t shown any research on safety, effectiveness, or that they are MUCH safer than smoking.
  • As you go about this misinformation campaign, it would behoove you to look up the “U.S. Federal Policy On Research Misconduct."

I challenge the reader, whether you smoke or not, to understand WHY you are being lied to here, from the preview of the pending documentary, "A Billion Lives."

Smokers deserve both the truth and the choice on e-cigarettes.

Sadly, it seems Chicago officials don’t want that, They don't want smokers and loved ones of smokers knowing the vaping truth, they'd prefer to keep the information suppressed and to have their citizens blow smoke in the windy city.

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