In the past couple of decades our planet has been suffering a huge transformation. The manner in which society has evolved has created several dangerous assumptions, with the environment becoming one of the victims. One of the biggest challenges to a healthy environment is represented by deforestation. The conditions under which the population grows at an alarming rate and the need for agricultural land has created a real epidemic. The numbers are quite scary: The planet loses more than 1 million square kilometers of forest every five years.

The United States is included among the countries with the highest rates of deforestation.

In the last 10 years the United States lost more than 6 percent of its forests. 

But even more tragic is the rate of deforestation in tropical areas. It is well-known that tropical forests disappear in a sad manner. Thousands of hectares are cut off every single day across the planet. That's because in tropical areas the soil has much lower quality in order to support agriculture activities with a high yield. It is therefore necessary to use a surface as stretched to meet the demand of agricultural products.

I was bumped into an article by the folks at Greenpeace. According to this article, this ecological organization launched a few years ago, in 2006, a very bold campaign: until 2020 to cease deforestation globally. It would be a real miracle! But we're already in 2015, and 9 years after the start of that initiative, the reality is far from being achieved. 

This article presents necessary steps, but the application of it is actually faulty.

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In order to achieve this objective, it is necessary a cooperation between companies, government, authorities, NGOs, the majority of the population. I think it is utopian! 

Unfortunately, the problem still remains. We see daily in the news stories about hurricanes, landslides, floods. Still we wonder? Man has created with his own hand all this set of disasters! Disasters are natural, but the frequency with which they occur should concern ourselves. Dear mankind, it's time to become more responsible!