It’s been a while since American foreign policy has seemed as impotent as it does right now. We have limited Iran’s nuclear capabilities, and somehow we are dealing with China’s growing weight, which is scaring Japan and South Korea, our allies. But the impossibility of sending troops to the ground fight Daesh --after the Iraq and Afghanistan adventures-- hastroubling consequences. Daesh is an ideological enemy worse than nazism or communism.

Yet, our Turkish ally takes this "thing" as its own ally. Can United Stated tolerate this?

Now we hear that Turkey, a United States ally under NATO treaties, has just shot down a Russian fighter jet along its border. This would be inconceivable during a Cold War; at least, if it happened, Washington and Moscow would likely silencethe situation so that the Russians wouldn’t have to lose face, not going to war. This is an embarrassing moment for our diplomacy.

Turkey overreacted to Russian jet

It’s not conceivable that Russia was going to strike Turkey, nor that such a draconian measure like shooting the plane down after 17 seconds was really necessary. There is an ongoing effort against a common enemy, even if the United States and Russia are at odds about how to deal the situation. But is was not another conquering like Crimea. Putin has announced his plans forSyria.

If our ally starts shooting the Russians, even if they are bombing the Syrian opposition, where can this lead?

It’s sad that our ally doesn’t consider the Daesh, or Islamic State, as something so abhorrent that its elimination should be considered above anything else.

Turkey and Daesh are allies?

We see that Daesh has grown between Syria and Iraq, andhas threatened several neighboring countries and attacked a few others, including France, Russia and China.

The United States is an obvious target. Yet nothing happened in Turkey, besides the Ankara bombing of October. Also, the Turkish border seems like the silent super-wall that one dares to cross. The assumption we must make is obvious: Turkey has taken Daesh as an ally against the separatist Kurds. Claims that Turkey is buying Daesh’s oil cheap, financing the group’s activities,are shocking.

The least we must do is to show Turkey that we’re less than happy.

The United States didsomething like this in 1956, leaving the UK, France, and Israel alone facing Egypt and Soviet Union. It would be way more justifiable now to tell Erdogan can he can not stand in our way, fighting Daesh.

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