The year of 2015 was awesome for PC gamers. Even with a few disappointments, we still had a pretty good time with unprecedented game experiences. Now, it is time to select a few and talk a little about them. If you still haven’t played them all, SHAME on you!

1 - Witcher 3

A hard choice to make, coming just a little bit over the second place. And with good reason: this is the single best piece of fun in software form. The graphics are just beautiful, even reality can’t match it! The story is great and every single character marks you in a way or another. Simply the best game ever produced in any platform.

2 - Grand Theft Auto 5

Even though this is a 2013 game, the PC version was launched in 2015. And it was a great game, a heavy weight in a great series. We all suffered through GTA 4, but 5 is too good a game to complaint. From the customizations to the exploration of a whole new world, it’s like traveling around a new country in real life. Great graphics, too. A complete package and probably the best GTA (yes, better than GTA 2!).

3 - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

If you are a child, you might not like this game, but if you’re an experienced gamer, you’ll just love this. Being a spy has never been so awesome as in this game. So much content of and great gameplay. It’s better than reality

4 - Undertale

Simple graphics, simple controls, awesome experience!

RPG game to remind you that awesomeness is derived from competence, not many invested.

5 - Star Wars Battlefront

Best Star Wars game in a while. After the boredom of the MMORPG (SW TOR) we sorely needed this. And what an awesome surprise it was! Multiplayer mode is a treat we’ll cherish for a long while….

6 - Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void

16 years… and like the Changing of the Guards (Bob Dylan song), this is an immortal masterpiece. It’s also the end of the series. And there are few things that beat a good finale.

7 - The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth

Simple DLC that impresses a lot. You must play, and, quite frankly, the less you know about it before playing, the better.

8 - Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser

Feels like a mere reunion, but as far as Dragon Age DLCs go, this one is a must!

9 - SOMA

A well-crafted sci-fi horror. Not only a good game experience, this one is the best horror of the year!

10 - Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Ok, ok. We all miss Ezio and that’s a fact. But even if not a great AC game, Syndicate is a great game. If you have no AC experience, you’ll be really lost, but the gameplay is really praise-worthy.

Final thought

This is the result of a whole year of gaming. If you think of a new order or other titles, feel free to comment!

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