On the date of 30 October an emergency call interrupted the silent night. A night club in Bucharest named Collective caught on fire. A rock band called ‘’Goodbye to Gravity’’ held a concert and more than 300 young people were there. The doctor from the first ambulance who arrived at the place was stunned at the awful sight. Young men and women came out screaming with smoke still coming out of their bodies. Skin and flesh was melting on them. It was almost impossible to see. Many were still stuck in the burning club and it took a long time to pull them out, too long for most of them. 28 people died, some of them after rescuing others and almost 200 in serious condition were rushed to 12 hospitals across the city.

After this tragic event happened, the people, especially on social media divided into two sides.

On the one side are the kind people who donated almost 1 million euros in just one day to help the victims and their families. Many companies offered free rooms in hotels, plain or bus tickets (for the families) medication and therapy. The  hot lines for donations are open for a week and people continue to donate money.  A man offered to donate a kidney and a lot of others offered skin grafts.

On the others side were the fanatics, those who were too blind by stupid ideologies to act like human beings. They maintained that the terrible tragedy happened because the youngsters were celebrating Halloween in a satanic gathering and the rock band was in fact invoking the devil.

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Those fanatics call themselves Christians who obey the word of God, but their heartless words have nothing to do with God.

Narrow minded people say that rock music is satanic music and all those who listen to it are devils’ servants who deserve to die. Some of their words on social media were. ‘’they wanted hell, hell opened up for them ’’ and ‘’they got what they deserved’’.

I personally never thought that people could be so cruel, so inhuman. It is good  that not all people are like that, and I’m referring to those kind people who helped and continue to do so.