After the Paris attacks, the president of France named it as “an act of war”.

The countries that suffered from terrorist attacks more than other part of Europe, Russia and France, have already discussed the forming a coalition against ISIS. For this purpose, Francois Hollande will arrive at Moscow this week but before it, he is going to visit Barrack Obama. According to French mass media opinion, President Hollande will persuade the president of the United States to form a united coalition against ISIS.


Europeans are afraid and irritated. European authorities have accepted more than 800 000 refugees, a large part of them are Syrians. Apart from the problems of support, authorities have a problem of possible hidden jihadists among the refugees. Currently psychological tests and several levels of control are being discussed but these steps aren’t the effective way of revealing potential threats.

Attacks in Paris in January and November 2015 shown that no one country in the world can be of aware of its residents, even those who have lived there for a long time.

We can wait for new stabs in the back, the directors of French, German, British and even Australian intelligence agencies speak about it openly. Recently, the director of the CIA John Brennan declared possible terrorist attacks in the near future in the U.S.

There are many opinions and ideas about how to fight against terrorism. Politicians of international fame propose military, economic and political ways. It’s  common knowledge that bombing ISIS won’t be effective because rebels hide in resident districts.


It’s quite possible that a land operation will be conducted but no one of the countries wants to take part in this gambling. However, more several terrorist acts can make the world community establish a coalition against ISIS rebels.

There are too many disputes. The USA, France, Germany, Russia; the governments don’t have agreement what to do even inside their countries. Long decision-making can help ISIS to increase their strength.

Terrorist attacks in Paris; it’s not the beginning but not the end.

It’s just the intermediate point for all of us. Only the coalition against ISIS can help to overpower this common world enemy.